What is a coccyx cushion and what are its benefits?

As the competition increases, so does the work-load and you may find yourself spending most of your time seated in airplanes, trains, cars, office chair, and even in your house on some desk, working hard to complete your project. You might be traveling for some work related stuff or it might be a vacation to get your mind off work. The most annoying thing that could ruin any scenario is consistent back pain. To avoid the worsening of the pain or to never face it, orthopedics and other doctors advise the use of coccyx cushion.

What is the coccyx cushion and why is it necessary?

The coccyx cushion is made up of high-grade memory foam which is manufactured by leading memory foam manufacturers. The thick padded cushion is responsive to heat and adjusts itself to provide the most suitable seating position, in response to body heat. Therefore, it not only ensures that a good posture is maintained while sitting, but it also corrects the body posture.

It is strongly recommended by doctors because it relieves acute and chronic pain and also helps in avoiding them. The cushion is ergonomically designed and U-shaped which relieves the symptoms, as well as, the problem of sciatica nerve pain, coccyx pain, pregnancy pain, and other back related problems. The cushion is quite versatile in its application. For short-height people, it even serves as a cushion to enhance view during driving.

Is the coccyx cushion convenient?

The coccyx cushion is of a reasonable size and is compact. It fits on almost all seats in cars, chairs, airplane, and so forth. Since it is lightweight, it can easily be carried. The cushion’s cover is also removable and it can be washed. This feature helps in maintaining freshness and cleanliness. The cushion is quite versatile and comes with a rubber gel bottom. The bottom is non-slip and therefore, it can be sat upon without the worry of falling off the seat.

A coccyx cushion is a great tool in exercising precaution regarding back problems and also helps in treating them. It helps in maintaining a good posture during long hours of sitting which also helps in increasing concentration.

It is, indeed, a great buy especially for people working for long hours. Avoiding or neglecting back pain initially can cause big problems later and therefore, it has been advised by doctors to use the cushions to stay fit.