What is an IP stresser

To understand about the Ip stresser, you must understand the variations involved. IP stress comes from the original word which is stressed. If a stressor is a tool that is special in the networking industry and its work is to test networks, an IP stress is a special tool that is used in posing special kind of tests to servers and networks.

It might also be a tool that passes excess stress to the server of a network to check if it can withstand it. Network businesses can be too risky to handle. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to control. To make sure that your business is successful, you must be sure of your network capacity.  To be clear enough, know the network’s capacity of bandwidth.

An average IP stress has two main categories named according to layers. The layers of IP stress include:

  • Level four stresser
  • Level seven stresser

To understand more, the level four stresser is a kind of stress test method that is done directly on the IP while the level seven stress is a stress test that is mostly HTTP request.

Long when the testing industry was new, the stress test that was common was the UDP and it was also raw. GET, HTTP that was regular was also the thing. From there, we have had so many improvements in the stress testing industry. These days we have the amplified stress testing which has the UDP such as the USSDP, DNS, NTP and many more. Level seven have developed further because they use reflected stress test using the XMLRPC and Joomla services.

For you to know the best IP stress, there are very important points and factors that you must understand. First, you must understand the bandwidth per stress. This bandwidth per stress is usually measured in GBPS. Alternatively, you must clearly know the request per second. This kind of request is common in level seven of stressing.

When the GBPS are high, automatically the input per stress will also be high. The time taken to conduct the stress is also very important when deciding if an IP stress is good. Testing methods will also be a plus .make sure that the IP stresser that you are intending to purchase has the option of updating the latest testing methods.

When you buy your IP tester for the first time, it can be confusing because of the testing parameters but with time, you will know it better and get used to it.