Islamic Education in Pakistan

As we all know the importance of the Education that no nation can survive without quality or modern education. It is just education that builds nations and it becomes the reason of them to be prospering in every aspect of life and give them the straight path to their bright future.

Every country’s education system and policy should be made according to the time and situations. Our Religion Islam gives us the importance of education not only for men but for women too. The purpose of telling the importance of Islam is to get peace and to get closer to Allah.

If you want your child to get benefitted from the knowledge about Quran will help your child to get Quranic knowledge from the scratch.

Education of Islam in Madrassa

Well, the word Madrassa create a slight curiosity and negative thoughts that people have made and propaganda about it and at the international level. It is to believe by non Muslims that it is the institution where they teach hate and violence however it is said that Madrassa in Pakistan are producing terrorist and religious extremists but the main reason of these institutions to gain knowledge that Islam told us is unknown.

The gain of knowledge through Madrassa the tradition has been born since the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH but the tragedy attached to it that Madrassa are still an unknown mystery and not much effort has been put in to understand the true purpose of this and for its existence today.

Madrassa as the status of Islamic history says that it is the best way to gain knowledge. Madrassa are considered as the carrier of knowledge but unfortunately after post 9/11 these institutions are getting hate and become phobia as they believe Islam and Muslims and their Madrassa make religious extremists but most of the scholars and political representatives are not aware of this fact that at the starting time of Islam the aim of Madrassa was preservation and spread knowledge the main role that somehow lost its importance in this long period of time with some loops of incidents.

The true meaning of Madrassa has kept changing through the time and new generations. The origin of this word can be linked back to the classical Hebrew. Normally, it is believed that the word Madrassa has come from an Arabic word Dars that meaning to study and Madrassa an adverb of the place tells the meaning of the place of study or the place of learning.

Many online Quran academies help not only children but everyone who are in need to learn and to recite Quran Majeed.

In Pakistan, it is to be seen that Madrassa are basically divided on the basis of sects. There are two main sects that are seen, that have divided the whole Pakistan into two Suuni and Shia sects. Apart from that there are other sects such as deobandis , Ahl e Hadith and barelwi sub-sects. Every Madrassa has their own code of conduct and own mode of teaching and courses that mainly focuses on their specific sects. These respective Madrassa are spread all over the country and teaching kids to understand about the Islamic culture, their religious identity and Islamic code of conduct.

It is stated that without education a man is like a closed door that does not know what is happening in world. He is unaware of wisdom and exploring and education is like a window in the dark, lonely room that gives the man a sense of freedom and intellect.

This is the main reason that Islam has given an immense pressure on education because it only helps individual to live in peace and harmony. Islamic education gives human a true meaning of humanity.