Internet And How It Affects On The Lslam

The Internet is a source of information. It is a vast world of knowledge from where you can gain information on any topic that you want. The Internet has helped many gain information of topics that they thought they would never find.  Islamic teachings have also been preserved on the internet. There are teaching relating to Islamic rules and regulations. Many Islamic scholars have created Islamic websites to teach the world about the teaching of Islam. Live sermons are delivered on these websites.

People communicate to the Ulama through these websites and ask for help with their problems. The Ulamas get together and give their view about the issue and suggest an appropriate solution. Islam has spread through the internet. People have learned more about the Quran. In the previous times only hard copies of the books for a present which was secured in the Islamic libraries. People had very little access to these books but today electronic copies of these books have been made which gives everyone as access to the information. People today are well aware of the teachings of Quran, about stuff that they never knew existed. Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH are available on the internet from where you can receive the utmost guidance.

Online Quran classes

Many Muslim scholars have launched their own websites that teach people how to read Quran with tajweed. Not only do they teach the recitation of the Holy Quran but also have online classes for many other programs like memorizing the holy Quran reading or learning the Arabic language so that the people can understand the Quran better.  These websites have helped a lot of people that live in a non-Muslim state. It has helped them educate their kids on the teachings of Islam along with the worldly affairs.