Why are Consumers Satisfied With Ariens Snow Blower?

Different companies are manufacturing Ariens snow blower to help people to get rid of heavy snow during winter season. Some have powerful engine while other lack this property to meet the requirement of the consumer.Arien snow blower is a two stage machine that helps the user to remove snow from their driveways, lawns, and roofs easily without creating any issues. The users are getting satisfied with the machine because of its compact design, high power and quick removal of snow from a particular area. Some of the awesome features that appeal user towards it are as follows.


The machine has a width of 24 inches that is able to clear 2 feet wide path, it is an excellent coverage for the compact snow blower. In this way, the machine takes less time to clear all area. The presence of EFI technology engines enables the user to start it quickly. The compact design is awesome for users having the tiny driveways and place where it is difficult to remove snow. The presence of extra heavy handles on blower make it user-friendly and easy management while using the machine. Headlights and skid shoes are present that help user during night time. The skid shoes protect the machine from slipping as well as move up and down to prevent the blower from obstacles.

Propellant system

The self-propelled system is present to drive the machine. There are present 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. In this way the user can easily remove the snow with ease, he can adjust the speed according to the weight of snow present on the area. It is an excellent machine to kick out the heavy duty snow. The speed levels are beneficial n different areas like hill station, the presence of stones or other obstacles and around curves.


The machine runs with gasoline fuel, half of gallon of fuel is required that distribute 208 cubic centimeters through the engine. The engine produces 9.5 foot-pound torque that is powerful enough t throw the heavy duty snow to clear the area. The power is transferred to the impeller in this way it is able to throw snow about 40 feet away from the location the chute rotates 205 degrees so one can easily throw snow towards the side or away from neighbor’s yard. It has an excellent throwing range.

Tires design

The tires are 15 inches high and 5 inches wide that completely grip machine on snow or slushy ground. The weight of machine and tires desi make it user-friendly as the person can handle it easily in different situations. Moreover, the presence of folding handlebars enables you to store it easily during off season.

The compact design, powerful engine, and propellant system all are the features that enable the user to quickly root out the snow from their yards, driveways, and gardens.  The user gets three years of warranty.  this is one of the best blowers in the market that attracts consumer towards it due to its incredible features and easy handling.